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Dr Christopher Emersic ( 0161 306 2488 The University of Manchester

About me

Thunder and lightning have been lifelong passions ever since I was very young.  I hope to devote my working life to the pursuit of understanding these phenomena scientifically.  Every choice in my education and early career has had this aim in mind—from which subjects to study at GCSE, right through to post-doc.  I’m now a qualified physicist and it’s my intention to try and follow a career path which allows me to scientifically research my love of lightning. After graduating with a degree in Physics, I was lucky to land a PhD in the subject of thunderstorm electrification (why thunderclouds get charged up) and this was my first real experience of lightning research.  And I loved it (see the account of my PhD).  I've been really privileged to have had a number of post-doc positions since then in other areas directly associated with lightning which have broadened my knowledge.  My longer term goals are to try and establish a lightning research group at a UK university and work with all my colleagues around the world to further our knowledge of the field.
Education MPhys 2003, Physics, UMIST, UK (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) PhD 2006, University of Manchester, UK Early career NRC Fellowship 2007–2008, NSSL, Oklahoma, USA Post Doc 2008, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA NSF funded grant 2008–2009, University of Oklahoma, USA Post Doc 2009–2013, The University of Manchester, UK Scientific Interests Thunderstorms, lightning, thunder, cloud electrification Ice crystals, snow, cloud physics
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About my website
Welcome to my personal website which I launched in June 2012.  I developed this site as a method of outreach to the general public, where I can talk about the science I'm involved with in exciting and simple terms that don’t require a PhD to understand.  In the longer term, I plan Sign in browse | movies | upload search advertisement treating aneurysms - a one stop shop wupw subscribe subscribed unsubscribe loading... 7,367 videos loading... Close upgrade to the latest flash player for improved playback performance. Upgrade now or more info. 458 views like add to share loading... Sign in or sign up now! Loading... Uploaded by wupw on sep 1, 2010 shuab omer, m. D. , assistant professor, department of surgery at the university of toledo medical center discusses the newest one stop shop if you suffer from an aneurysm. He explains in this edition of fox toledo talk back. Category: news & politics license: standard youtube license 1 like, 1 dislike show more show less link to this comment: share to: see all all comments (1) sign in or sign up now to post a comment! Really it's very nice and helpful discussion from dr. Omer. Omar hussian shareema1 1 year ago reply share remove flag for spam block user unblock user loading comment... Loading... Advertisement 12:01 flite test - 03 weak signals expo 2011 - event by flitetest 6,859 views 7:24 419ers... I come from da north (music video) by flynorthmg 91,341 views 46:37 fox toledo news at 10 03/14/2003 (wupw) by josermia no views 58:26 ary toledo show completo by chiquitankinha 3,538 views 1:55 transformer fire on central ave. Toledo. buy viagra buy viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online buy cheap viagra viagra for sale cheap generic viagra viagra online cheap viagra online Oh by krazeeye 29,615 views 2:46 model aviation talks about the blade line at toledo 2012 by modelaircraft 3,141 views 13:13 repair of ascending aortic aneurysm: arie blitz, md by heartfixer100 16,638 views 1:30 brain aneurysm surgery by pakzaban 35,690 views 9:00 500 before and after weight loss pictures! Amazing! By dancem89 879,848 views 2:19 4-14-1994 fox/wupw commercial break 1 by dotbomber95 475 views 4:34 nirvana - aneurysm (drum cover) by jamesv82 16,121 views 6:21 welcome to toledo, ohio - america's 8th most-miserable city and economic collapse headquarters. By econcat88 11,942 views 2:56 toledo opera flash mob by toledoopera 328 views 2:35 4-14-1994 fox/wupw commercial break 2 by dotbomber95 320 views 5:02 murs & slug present felt - anneurysm (2002) by klept187 5,947 views 2:25 2-3-1994 fox/wupw commercial break 2 by dotbomber95 490 views 7:33 brain aneurysm symptoms - early detection of brain aneurysms by the brain aneurysm foundation by brainaneurysmfound 22,418 views 2:25 4-14-1994 fox/wupw commercial break 3 by dotbomber95 287 views 0:17 bend test by 5elementsforge 249 views 1:14 wupw toledo - 2002 cinemagic graphics package by jdcnow 251 views loading more suggestions... Load more suggestions help loading... About press & blogs copyright creators & partners advertising d. to set up a forum where I hope the atmospheric electricity scientific community will gather and engage in casual discussions of their latest research with each other and the public.  I've tried to make this site personable, but also provide some good, accessible science.  This is a challenging pet project for me and will be pretty much work in progress—particularly as new things always coming along, so check back often to see what’s new.  I've no idea how it might evolve in the future!
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July 2012: Added fourth postdoc  position to career section Click for older updates
Damaging lightning strike in West Virginia, 2008 2010 Left: Christopher Emersic; Right: Clive Saunders next to the Manchester ice fall-tube TESTS Balloon launch, 2007.  Left to right: Nick Biermann, Ted Mansell, Clark Payne, Christopher Emersic, the hand-of-science 2008 Paul Krehbiel (2nd from left), Harald Edens (2nd from right) and Christopher Emersic (Right) with miners at Sago Mine in West Virginia Beautiful sectored plate ice crystal replicated in formvar, taken in 2012 Ice storm, Oklahoma, 2007 (no that's not my car; I parked away from trees!) Home